Organized Foundation

Key aspects to Celestial Manna’s current and future operation depend upon a strong budget and generous donor base. We have seen incredible growth over the last few years and anticipate this trend will continue in the next five years. The demands for help are great; in order to give more, we need to have more. Multiple fundraising events will be part of our immediate calendar starting in 2016. This is critical if we are to progress from a volunteer core to having paid employees and a facility.

Help us achieve our goals!


Storage UnitWe are in dire need of expanding our storage capacity; what we have now are small personal spaces spread out over our entire field of operations.  As such, we have rejected numerous donations of goods and furniture due to the lack of storage space.

Solution:  A storage facility costs roughly $20,000 a year to rent and around $12,000 in utilities and other expenses. With your help, we can solve this issue thus enabling Celestial Manna to provide more for families and individuals in need– when they need it most!


DSC_0208Special situations arise in which food donations far exceed the transportation capability of our volunteer core (power outages, failed refrigeration units, etc…).  These contributions can sometimes be so enormous that Celestial Manna has not had the vehicles to properly move the perishable items to a storage facility fast enough to sort, clean, refrigerate, or freeze the items before they perish.  Through working partnerships and its own resources, Celestial Manna plans to rent vehicles to take advantage of such donations.

IMPACT: Food is not wasted and we are able to share with other organizations to assist in fulfilling their mission goals.

Thrift Shop

Celestial Manna plans to set up a Thrift Shop within the next three years where selected donations will be sold.  All proceeds will be used to promote our community mission,  recompense our operating costs, and provide other assistance towards the needy.  The current commercial rental market in the Montgomery County area is struggling and there are many spaces that have not been rented for many months; owners are taking a loss.  We propose a win-win solution for both the owners and Celestial Manna: a two-year, rent-free space, for Celestial Manna Thrift Store.

Owner benefits:  they receive a tax write off for the months donated to Celestial Manna.

Celestial Manna benefits:  two years will be more than enough to generate funds for paying rent and any operating costs.

Boxes Of Hope

boxesFor almost a decade, Celestial Manna has been supporting needy people overseas, sending food, medications, shoes and clothing.  These boxes are a source of relief, for church communities, orphans, elderly people and single parents in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and other countries.  Your contributions to this cause, will allow us to reach more people, and develop programs to increase job opportunities for a better life.