Special Groups

Victims of Human Trafficking:

Celestial Manna has partnered with two organizations that help provide flowers and food to women that have been victims of sex trafficking and prostitution. The main area of support has been in the Baltimore metropolitan area. This has been a success story for more than 5 years and one which tugs at the heart.


Veterans (Wounded Warriors) and Active Military Families:

We provide fresh food to the soldiers while healing and rehabilitating from serious war injuries. The help is not just limited to the soldier but also to his family. These families are on base with limited resources accompanying their loved ones until the rehabilitation process is complete. Through a special partnership with Fisher House, we have been able to make a big impact in the last 2 years in Bethesda Medical Center. This is a partnership we intend to keep for years to come.

Homeless Shelters:

More than 30% of our volunteers are currently going to homeless shelters where food and other nourishment are delivered.  This outreach is a special program for Celestial Manna and one which the organization has continuously supported for over 27 years.  What joy and personal fulfillment our volunteers receive every time they go out on a mission of love.


Senior Citizens:

Most of the seniors are shut-ins who are living on Social Security or are ill and do not have the resources to provide for themselves. Celestial Manna has partnered with many senior citizen centers where we have identified those in dire need and stepped in to provide them with food assistance. With food provisions, our seniors are able to allocate the little resources they have towards unavoidable healthcare expenses that they otherwise would not be able to afford.

Battered Women Shelter:

Celestial Manna currently supports 2 battered women’s shelter in Montgomery County, MD by delivering fresh food to these centers. Through this support we have been able to feed hundreds of women that have had no other support.  We have supported women’s battered shelters for more than 26 years.