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Charitable tax deduction is a great incentive for donating your vehicle.

Donating your car can be financially beneficial.  Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your donation.

Celestial Manna is always finding new ways to help people in need. Car donation is one of the best ways to raise the chances for a change and new opportunities to most people.  We are seeing families and/or individuals  improving their lives, finding jobs and riding safely. You are the principle contributor, making it all possible by donating your vehicle to us

That’s why we work so hard to make the process easy, fast and convenient for you, our donor. For over 30 years, Celestial Manna has helped multiple families across the State of Maryland and beyond. We want to do much more, and for that we invite you to be a part of this incredible cause.

Call or Write to Us

2403483555  We accept all kinds of vehicles for donation. Cars, trucks, vans, RVs, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and more.

Schedule Pick Up

Within 24 hours of receiving a confirmation email from us, you will be contacted by our towing service to schedule a free pick-up of the vehicle.

Get a Tax Receipt

IRS regulations: A tax receipt, which contains the value of donor’s tax deduction, is sent to the donor after their vehicle has been processed. As a complimentary service, Celestial Manna also provides a 1098c for all donations, except those that sell for under $500.

A Donation That Empowers Lives

Every vehicle received will be inspected to determine how to derive the greatest value for a full donor’s tax deduction. 

Helping is the core value behind every effort we make in Celestial Manna for people in need. Through the years we have discovered new ways to impact lives. The first time a donor called us offering a car, it took us by surprise.  We were not sure what to do, but we received it anyway. That forced us to find information ourselves of what to do for the satisfaction of both the taxpayer and the recipient who received the vehicle.

That experience was so rewarding, because this donation meant the opening of new opportunities and a life improvement for the whole family. That is how we realized the true value of this resource, which goes far beyond the monetary value of the vehicle, whether new or used.

That vehicle you no longer use, can be the starting point of a better job opportunity for someone who can't afford to purchase one.  Can you imagine having such satisfaction?  

Call us and we'll make sure the right person or family gets benefited by your generous act. 


IRS Publication 4303 - Everything you need to know about donations and taxes.

Getting tax benefits for a donated car requires a lot of documentation, whether the car is junked, sold at auction or given to a charity's client.  has all the details. Be sure to keep all the papers or electronic files. You'll need them at tax time.

Your Car Fair Market Value:  We want you to know all about what to expect when you donate your car to us.  For that, here you'll find the Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donation, Publication 4303, from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state charity officials that provides general guidelines for individuals who donate their vehicles. 

In case you need a time extension to file your taxes including a car donation, your first option, according to IRS Publication 526,  is to file Form 4868. That's a request for an automatic six-month extension of time to submit your return. Another option is to file the return on time without claiming the deduction for the qualified vehicle. When the charity finally sends your notification, you can file an amended return using Form 1040X to claim the deduction. Make sure to attach a copy of the notification.

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Please indicate the best time and date to contact you. We'll make arrangements to pick up the vehicle 24 hours after talking to you.

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Deductions may vary depending on individual circumstances. Please consult your tax adviser and ask him to review the IRS’s “Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donations,” as well as their "Charitable Contributions," guide.

Another helpful resource is the IRS’s “Determining the Value of Donated Property.”