Chances are you have a vehicle no longer in use.  Time is passing and you are thinking, should I sale it or give it to the junkyard?

It might happens that you have a vehicle no longer in use.

If that’s the case, we invite you to consider donating it to us instead.   Celestial Manna is changing lives by providing a much needed car to a family in need.  You get the satisfaction of doing something good, and in return, we provide you a tax deduction form equivalent to the car’s value at no extra cost to you.  That way, you and  the car recipient both get great benefits.

The process is very easy, simply fill out the form, we call you to arrange an appointment, next our tow truck picks the vehicle, no extra cost for you.

Every vehicle received will be inspected to determine how to derive the greatest value for a full donor’s tax deduction.

Now, make the most of your unwanted vehicle, call 240-348-3555  and get all the information needed.

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