Help ALL in NEED

A Honduras family living in Montgomery County contacted me yesterday- they are going through very hard times. The husband either lost or had stolen his passport and is waiting on a new one from his consulate. Without proper identification he is unable to get a driver’s license- Celestial Manna provided a new working 3 speed bicycle so he could commute to and from his day laborer job. The family is living in a musty basement and the children play on a cold tile floor- CM delivered a carpet to provide warmth and a soft place for them to play. They didn’t even have a refrigerator- CM was able to provide one completely filled with food rescued by our organization.

Not only does Celestial Manna provide food for over 9,000 needy people each month, but the gracious donations of appliances, clothes, and household goods are given to those in true need.


Charlie Mann

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