The Best Foods to Donate to Food Banks During the Holidays — Expert Interview

Have stuff to donate, or want to contribute to our cause of feeding the needs of your community?  We welcome all donations!

In the United States, one in seven people struggles with hunger, and many rely on food from local food banks to help feed their families. The holiday season is an especially difficult time to live with food insecurity — that is, not knowing when you will get your next meal — and many of us think about making food donations to local food banks at this time of year. But what types of donations help most? And what kinds of food should you avoid donating? I spoke with representatives from food banks around the U.S. to find out the best ways to help hungry families in your community.

Source: The Best Foods to Donate to Food Banks During the Holidays — Expert Interview

Celestial Manna saved me from losing my house.

I was the victim of an abusive husband and divorced him 10 years ago. Convinced he was the ‘perfect’ spouse, an Israeli court granted him custody and ordered me to pay child support. Not long after the ink was dry on the dissolution paperwork, their father threw out the two older children and they came to live with me.  Food stamps or any other assistance was refused to me because (according to the divorce decree) the children spent the majority of their time with their father.

Life became very difficult: my bank account was drained from the divorce battle, the major breadwinner was gone, my government denied me compensation even though I pay taxes, and two teenage mouths to feed where added to an already strained budget- teenagers eat a lot! Faced with the prospect of losing my townhouse to repossession, enter in Celestial Manna. This non-profit organization gave me all the food we needed and it didn’t cost me a thing– Praise God!

Thank you so much Celestial Manna for the wonderful food and support you have given me and my children over these difficult years.  I had no government and no family to support me… you were there for me when no one else would help.

Dalia-CDalia C.

Outreach – December 25th

8.3.3Every December 25th (Christmas) Celestial Manna extends a special outreach to the community of Langley Park, Maryland.  Each year we bless +1,000 people and their families with food, clothes, toys, and other necessities they are missing in their lives.

Please help us with a generous donation for Celestial Manna’s annual December 25th outreach.


Top 3 Reasons to donate your usable clothing and household items to a local nonprofit organization.

Why Donate?

1. Responsible Recycling Helps Our Planet!

  • The US generates an average of 25 billion pounds of textiles (clothing, footwear, accessories, towels, bedding, drapery, etc) a year! That is about 82 pounds per US resident!
  • Of that 25 billion pounds, only 15% (3.8 Billion) gets recycled, leaving 85% (21 billion) to landfill!
  • Celestial Manna is part of the solution! We help divert over tons of usable clothing & household items out of our local landfills each year!

2. Giving Back LOCALLY Makes a Difference to Others!

You have choices on what to do with the usable clothing and household items you no longer use or need. Celestial Manna offers a tax-deductible way for you to donate your usable items and make a difference LOCALLY!  Celestial Manna gives your donations to senior citizens, wounded warriors, and other organizations in your area so you feel good about making a difference in your own community!

3. De-Cluttering & Organizing Your Space Feels SO Good!

Less Clutter, Less Stress! When people clean out their closets, cabinets, garages and other personal space areas, it can provide an overall better sense of well-being. Even one bag of donations makes a HUGE difference!

PicMonkey Collage
We need your donations to give to the needy.

What to Donate?

CLOTHING IS OUR #1 NEED! All types of gently used clothing, shoes and accessories for adults, children and babies.  We also accept usable Kitchenware, Toys, Books, Bedding, Jewelry, Small Appliances and other Household Items.

If you have items you want to donate, please contact us and we’ll make arrangements to have it picked up, Thank You!   Click HERE to contact us.