Military Support

More than 100 active duty US military members and their families came by to pick up produce, dairy items, juice and more which were all provided from Celestial Manna.

We were also able to bless Sarah’s House, a homeless and battered women’s shelter, for their residents to put food on their tables.

An entire village of volunteers, and us, are so grateful and appreciative for everything, thank you!

Erin & Sandra

Help ALL in NEED

A Honduras family living in Montgomery County contacted me yesterday- they are going through very hard times. The husband either lost or had stolen his passport and is waiting on a new one from his consulate. Without proper identification he is unable to get a driver’s license- Celestial Manna provided a new working 3 speed bicycle so he could commute to and from his day laborer job. The family is living in a musty basement and the children play on a cold tile floor- CM delivered a carpet to provide warmth and a soft place for them to play. They didn’t even have a refrigerator- CM was able to provide one completely filled with food rescued by our organization.

Not only does Celestial Manna provide food for over 9,000 needy people each month, but the gracious donations of appliances, clothes, and household goods are given to those in true need.


Charlie Mann

Centreville Testimonials

I have been so blessed by CM. I can’t begin to express the untold help this ministry has been to me and my family with our health and our finances. As a volunteer, I am doubly blessed to see the fruits of this ministry on my fellow neighbors. ~J.Z.

This has been such a blessing. My husband was laid off years ago, and his current job has cut our household income in half. Much faith in the Lord has made it possible to live on $13/hr. This ministry has helped my older daughter make healthy food choices we could not otherwise afford. Also the wonderful produce has helped with our oldest pack his lunch and save money. The food we receive is a huge blessing. ~D.F.

My family is incredibly blessed by the food we receive. We would be eating a lot of rice and beans if it weren’t for Celestial Manna. We are also able to bless other families. Thank you for all you’ve done to make this possible. We praise the Lord for you. ~B.D.

Thank you, Charlie, for organizing Celestial Manna. It has been a big blessing to our family, extended family, and others. When my husband was unemployed for an extended time, it was such a big help, and still is because now we are able to bless others in need. ~T.W.

This program has been a tremendous blessing to our family. At the beginning of 2016 my husband became hospitalized with a brain tumor and almost died. Now he is on longterm disability. We lost our only source of income and yet we have been able to eat from the giving of this program. It is how I nourish our family and continue to mend my husband back to health. God has blessed us beyond words through CM. Thank you! ~J.B.


Hearts in the Ministry

I got involved with CM because of the heart of the ministry. The ministry exists to help people in need and not to benefit any big corporation or greedy CEO. I experienced first hand how it can give hope to people. My husband lost his job for a couple of months and CM was such a HUGE help to our family. It is such a joy to be able to bless people through CM.