Woodgrove – Share and Shop Event

The Share and Shop Event at Woodgrove is a ‘no-sale’ yard sale bringing clothing, shoes, sports equipment, books, household supplies, and even some furniture pieces to local families in need.
Celestial Manna provided breakfast food items to Woodgrove High School  for their community event.  Many families were super happy to enjoy a special treat. This is just another way that Celestial Manna serves the local community. 
Thank you so much for serving our group.


Chances are you have a vehicle no longer in use.  Time is passing and you are thinking, should I sale it or give it to the junkyard?

It might happens that you have a vehicle no longer in use.

If that’s the case, we invite you to consider donating it to us instead.   Celestial Manna is changing lives by providing a much needed car to a family in need.  You get the satisfaction of doing something good, and in return, we provide you a tax deduction form equivalent to the car’s value at no extra cost to you.  That way, you and  the car recipient both get great benefits.

The process is very easy, simply fill out the form, we call you to arrange an appointment, next our tow truck picks the vehicle, no extra cost for you.

Every vehicle received will be inspected to determine how to derive the greatest value for a full donor’s tax deduction.

Now, make the most of your unwanted vehicle, call 240-348-3555  and get all the information needed.

Today you can be a Hero for Linda!

Imagine bein chronicle ill, in your elder years, all alone and about to be kicked out from your home!

Linda worked hard for her condo, to have a place to live her retirement. Due to her health issues, she has piles of unpaid medical bills. Now her creditors will collect by selling her home.



PLEASE DONATE TODAY! Let´s help Linda keeping her home!

Visit https://www.gofundme.com/2h7ukfmk

Celestial Manna saved me from losing my house.

I was the victim of an abusive husband and divorced him 10 years ago. Convinced he was the ‘perfect’ spouse, an Israeli court granted him custody and ordered me to pay child support. Not long after the ink was dry on the dissolution paperwork, their father threw out the two older children and they came to live with me.  Food stamps or any other assistance was refused to me because (according to the divorce decree) the children spent the majority of their time with their father.

Life became very difficult: my bank account was drained from the divorce battle, the major breadwinner was gone, my government denied me compensation even though I pay taxes, and two teenage mouths to feed where added to an already strained budget- teenagers eat a lot! Faced with the prospect of losing my townhouse to repossession, enter in Celestial Manna. This non-profit organization gave me all the food we needed and it didn’t cost me a thing– Praise God!

Thank you so much Celestial Manna for the wonderful food and support you have given me and my children over these difficult years.  I had no government and no family to support me… you were there for me when no one else would help.

Dalia-CDalia C.

Outreach – December 25th

8.3.3Every December 25th (Christmas) Celestial Manna extends a special outreach to the community of Langley Park, Maryland.  Each year we bless +1,000 people and their families with food, clothes, toys, and other necessities they are missing in their lives.

Please help us with a generous donation for Celestial Manna’s annual December 25th outreach.